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Forever's Destiny [Montage]

Interested in Forever's Destiny? Read this!

Next major meet is 28/10-30/10
at Silverwood Scout Campsite,
off Barnsley Road (A628),
S75 4LB

IC Location: Haven
IC Year: 7 TRE

A themed weekend, set in Haven.

Due to the nature of this event only 3 of your characters
may be in attendance so you will only need to bring
kit for those characters.

If you have any questions, please address them to Phil
who is running the whole weekend.

Friday Night -
0-1250xp - Phil
Saturday Morning -
50-150xp - Phil
Saturday Night -
500-1250xp - Phil
(Extended Double Length)
For bookings please email bookings@destiny.org.uk
Bookings close at 8pm on the Sunday evening the weekend before the event.

Other upcoming dates
18/11-20/11Linnet Clough
9/12-11/12Silverwood (Mini Meet)
13/1-15/1Linnet Clough
17/2-19/2Linnet Clough
13/4-17/4Linnet Clough
27/5-28/5Mini Meet
23/6-25/6Linnet Clough

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